KMCA's Call on Washington

KMCA Executive Director, Tom Whitaker took 4 members to Washington D.C. for two days in April 2013. The group visited the new Capitol Hill ATA office and were briefed by ATA Staff on various ATA efforts.

One of the group's goals was to present their position on the stabilization of the Highway Trust Fund. Enlightening them to the fact we would support a fuel tax increase and support the "users pay" principle as long as the funds are used for the nation's highway infrastructure. In 2013, Kansas is taking $365 million out of the HTF for other uses. KMCA will also work with FMCSA to continue to improve its CSA program, asking for an in-depth look at the Crash Accountability and how it is scored.

Size and weight was a hot topic. The truck size and weight was last increased in 1982, and the truck productivity continues to increase. Miles traveled by tractor-semi trailers have nearly tripled to 170 billion miles annually. KMCA supports giving states more flexibility to authorize the operation of more productive vehicles, as well as moderning the minimum length standards on the national network.

The group visited the offices of Senator Roberts and Senator Moran, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, Rep. Kevin Yoder, Rep. Mike Pompeo, and Rep. Tim Huelskamp. While visiting with the members of Congress they discussed KMCA’s views.

Members who went on the trip included:
Kimberly Bonhart, UPS; Jane Westerman, DeClue Transport, Serena Howard, ORTRAN, and John Prather, Groendyke Transport.

The next Call on Washington event will be in 2017. Details are to be determined. 

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