KMCA is THE VOICE for the trucking industry in Kansas.

State Representation “Eighteen Wheels of Political Power”
Legislation on the state and federal level affects every aspect of the trucking industry. Therefore, lobbying is one of KMCA’s most important functions.

Federal Representation Affiliation with the American Trucking Associations keeps Kansas transportation company leaders informed on federal tax, highway financing and safety concerns.


KMCA is a member driven organization that serves and promotes the trucking and transportation industry in Kansas.

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KMCA provides a variety of services from mileage tax reports to safety seminars and driver recognition programs.

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Using KMCA Truck Services relates directly to your company’s bottom line. It is your one-stop shop!  You drive the truck...let us do the paperwork!  Learn more...

Safety Services
Kansas Motor Carriers Association has a dedicated commitment to highway safety and has a full-time Director of Safety on staff. KMCA’s Safety Management Council meets bi-monthly and sponsors numerous programs.  Learn more...  

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Year: 2018

1January, 2018
Jan 01 KMCA Office Closed for New Years Day
Jan 19 Kansas Road Team Application Deadline
Jan 21 ATA Executive Committee Meeting - Committee Members Only
Feb 12 TENTATIVE - KMCA Day at the Capitol & Board of Directors Meeting
Feb 16 Fleet Safety Contest, Driver of the Month, Driver of the Year and Safety Professional of the Year Submission Deadline
Feb 28 IRP/CMV Registration Deadline
Mar 01 IRP/CMV Quarterly Payments Due
Mar 05 ATA - Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting
Mar 06 TENTATIVE - KMCA Safety Council Meeting
Mar 19 ATA's - SMC and TSC Annual Policy Conference
Apr 19 KMCA Safety Awards Banquet and Board of Directors Meeting
May 08 TENTATIVE - KMCA Safety Council Meeting
May 19 ATA Spring Leadership Meeting
Jun 01 Kansas Truck Driving Championships Registration Deadline
Jun 07 KMCA PRO TRUCK Golf Classic 2017
Jun 15 Kansas Professional Truck Driving Championships
Jul 01 IRP/CMV Quarterly Payments Due
Jul 04 KMCA Office Closed for 4th of July
Jul 15 ATA - Forum for Motor Carrier General Counsel
Aug 07 TENTATIVE - KMCA Safety Council Meeting
Aug 15 ATA - National Truck Drving and Step Van Driving Championships
Aug 31 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax - IRS Form 2290 Due
Sep 03 KMCA Office Closed for Labor Day
Sep 09 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Sep 15 ATA - TMC Fall Meeting and TMCSuperTech
Sep 25 2018 KMCA Annual Convention
Oct 01 IRP/CMV Quarterly Payments Due
Oct 27 ATA's MC&E
Nov 12 ATA - SMC and TSC Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference
Nov 22 KMCA Office Closed for Thanksgiving
Nov 28 KMCA Board of Directors Meeting
Dec 11 TENTATIVE - KMCA Safety Council Meeting

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