Other KMCA Events

Towing and Recovery Championships

Towing Championships photoEvery fall, the Towing and Recovery Division of KMCA hosts a fun and eventful day for drivers and families alike. It is the Towing and Recovery Championships. The drivers compete in three different classes on a designated course and have to take a written test from the study guide, which was mailed out. The score of the written test is combined with the driving course score to determine the winners. There are three winners in each class. The classes for the driving competition include: Class A: light-duty tow truck equipped with a wheel lift; Class B: car carrier; and Class C: tractor trailer backup. To participate, drivers have to have a proper CDL and medical card.

Beauty ContestAlong with the driving competition, there is a beauty contest. Trucks from all over the state are judged in three different classes. Class A is light and medium duty trucks registered for less than 26,000 lbs.; Class B is car carriers; and Class C is heavy duty tow trucks registered for 26,000 lbs or more. The top two trucks in each class are awarded a trophy.

The winners are presented with their awards during the Barbecue and Awards Ceremony usually held at Brown’s Super Service. Overall families and drivers always enjoy the day of friendly competition.

Safety Breaks

The Kansas Motor Carriers Association and its Safety Management Council sponsor Safety Breaks as a continuing highway safety practice. KMCA wants to keep our highways safe. Safety Breaks provide the opportunity for drivers to get out from behind the wheel and stretch, enjoy free refreshments and become more alert for the continued drive ahead.

The motor carrier industry and governmental transportation agencies have expressed concern that driver fatigue is a leading factor in accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy drivers may be responsible for as many as 100,000 traffic accidents each year. As the summer driving season hits its peak, it is especially important for motorists to take frequent breaks to alleviate fatigue on those long summer trips.

Safety Break

State Fair Truck Rides

Truck RidesOn Fri. Sept. 13, KMCA headed to the Kansas State Fair to educated fair goers about driving safely around trucks and to give people of all ages a chance to ride in a truck. Volunteers at the state fiar had a beautiful day to promote safety. Trucks from Wal-Mart, Frito Lay and Mies & Sons Trucking took fair attendees of all ages around the grandstand's track so they can experience riding in a truck.

A special thanks to those of you that came out to help: Vern Flaherty, Chad Gamino, Kelly Hale and Robert Shaffer, Kansas Road Team, Sterling Farber, Wal-Mart Stores, Louis Thompson, Beaver Express Service, Jane Westerman, DeClue Transport, and Becky Crawford, KMCA staff.

Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week

Child Safety WeekEach year, KMCA partners with the Kansas Highway Patrol and the State of Kansas to promote Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week. KMCA donated 105 booster seats to be distributed statewide via KHP troopers and child seat technicians. On Sept. 17, 2013, KMCA held a press conference with the Kansas Highway Patrol at the KHP Headquarters. Jane Westerman spoke on behalf of KMCA. This is the 14th annual year that KMCA has made a commitment to preserving the lives of Kansas children with their car seat donations.

"Safety is the Kansas trucking industry's number one priority," said Tom Whitaker, KMCA executive director. "Every year, the Kansas Motor Carriers Association provides 105 child passenger seats to those that cannot afford to purchase the seats to protect Kansas children. By partnering with the Kansas Highway Patrol, we are assured the child passenger safety seats will be distributed where they are needed most. We know seatbelts and child passenger seats ave lives on Kansas streets and highways. This is our way of helping those that share the road with our trucks everyday do so safetly."

The donation of child safety seats comes in the fall during Child Passenger Safety Week, which runs from Sept. 15-21, 2013. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death nationwide for children ages three to six and eight to 14.

"KMCA's dedication to the safety of Kansas children is something we can all be proud of," said Colonel Ernest E. Garcia, Superintendent of the Kansas Highway Patrol. "We appreciate it, and certainly the families who receive these seats will value the safety this donation provides their children."