Truck Services

You drive the truckā€¦Let us do the paperwork.

Truck Services LogoKMCA's truck services department keeps you on the road by becoming an extension of your company's staff. Here is a list of what the truck services department can do for you.

Authority Applications
Federal authority (ICC)
Private authority
Intra-State authority
Haz-mat application

Apportioned Registration (prorate/IRP)
Initial prorate application (IRP)
Add/delete/transfer vehicles
Weight increase
Added jurisdictions
Duplicate cabcards
Replacement plate & cabcard

U.S. DOT/MCS-150
Initial application
Address change/information update

Fuel License/Weight Distance Reporting Service
Initial IFTA application
IFTA quarterly fuel tax reporting service
Initial weight distance (3rd structure) applications (KY, NY, OR, NM)
Quarterly/monthly weight distance tax reports
Annual mileage/fuel recap


Title Service
Name change/address change
Lien release
Other title changes

We will deliver your title(s) to the State of Kansas, pick up the new title and quickly return it to you.

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KMCA Truck Services gets the job done RIGHT and keeps YOU on the road.